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Reading 2D-Barcoded Tubes Directly at the Point of Storage or Retrieval

Reading 2D-Barcoded Tubes Directly at the Point of Storage or Retrieval content piece image
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Ziath has announced that it will launch a web-based 2D-barcoded tube identification product, Datapaq 5, at SLAS 2020 in San Diego, USA.

In modern laboratories - samples are typically stored in large -80°C freezers, liquid nitrogen tanks or fully automated stores that are often inconveniently situated in an outbuilding or a basement. Datapaq 5 is part of a new generation of digital sample management tools being developed by Ziath to allow sample management technicians to quickly and accurately log sample identity at the point of storage or retrieval.

Datapaq 5 is designed to run from any computer on a local network or over the internet using a web-based highly intuitive graphical user interface. Datapaq 5 provides visual confirmation of tube identity and individual tube image inspection. From launch, this product will be available on Ziath's camera-based 2D barcoded scanners the Mirage, Express and the Cube.

Datapaq 5 aims to offer a convenient way to use a 2D barcoded tube or rack scanner anywhere across a laboratory or an organization’s site where a suitable laptop or computer is available. Thanks to its web-based interface, Datapaq 5’s user interface will run on both Microsoft and Apple operating systems.

The new web-based software includes a host of features designed to streamline the collection of tube information for subsequent processing in inventory management software, such as Ziath’s popular Samples program.

In a further development - Ziath is also debuting an Android app that can run their rack scanners from a mobile device directly, in addition to using a web interface. This will put tube identification directly into the technician’s hands as they access their samples, wherever they may be stored.