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Realtime Inline Editing to Boost Data Integrity

Realtime Inline Editing to Boost Data Integrity content piece image
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BioData has launched a new inline editing app for its Labguru Electronic Lab Notebook. Easy Edit allows users to access and edit any document within the original application, with no need to switch between different platforms or lose time uploading and updating files.

Launching all applications directly within Labguru allows all document changes, regardless of source, to be made in the app where they are autosaved for seamless and efficient editing. Instant retrieval, annotating and sharing of information improves the accuracy of reporting and the fully auditable document version control tightens data compliance.

Steve Yemm, CEO of BioData said: “Labguru users can now embed files containing experiment results or related research data directly in the app, with no need to download and re-upload new information or manually track the latest file version.

“Easy Edit enables Labguru users to edit documents from software including ExCel, PowerPoint and Word to commonly used platforms such as Graphpad, Prism, FlowJo and many others.

“This ground-breaking integration now improves information integrity by connecting data from different applications in one platform, delivering valuable time and cost savings and improving collaboration across the globe.”

Historically, a drawback of an ELN has been the need to leave the system to work on another software then transfer the work back – creating the potential for human error and taking additional time. Labguru allows every user to record every detail with pinpoint accuracy, store information in a secure and centralized environment and safeguard documents with version control, so all data can be retrieved and edited rapidly.