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RedShift BioAnalytics’ HaLCon Analyzer Awarded Best of Show at the 15th Annual Bioprocessing Summit

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RedShift BioAnalytics (RedShiftBio) celebrates HaLCon as having been selected as the Best of Show award recipient earlier this month at the CHI Bioprocessing Summit in Boston, MA. 

The Best of Show Award provides exhibitors of the Bioprocessing Summit the opportunity to showcase newly launched products which can include new applications, technologies, or instrumentation. During the course of the event, over 1,500 Bioprocessing Summit attendees were invited to cast their votes for their choice of the most impactful new products of the year and HaLCon took home the prize!

“We are honored that the attendees of BPS this year selected our newly launched HaLCon Analyzer for this award,” said Julien Bradley, CEO of RedShiftBio Analytics.  “It validates our belief that we have developed a truly novel tool that can provide tremendous value to customers looking for an easy, robust protein titer measurement in bioprocessing.”   

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The HaLCon Analyzer, from RedShiftBio, offers tremendous time and cost savings in bioproduction as a cutting-edge purpose-built liquid chromatography system that provides real-time protein titer measurements from a cell-free bioreactor sample. HaLCon is designed to provide protein titer results equivalent to gold-standard traditional protein A, HPLC but features a sample-to-answer time of less than five minutes and requires no chromatography training or expertise to operate.