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Refeyn Announces Appointment of Fiona Coats as Chief Marketing Officer

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Refeynis delighted to announce the appointment of Fiona Coats as Chief Marketing Officer, effective from June, 2024.  Forming part of Refeyn’s executive team, Fiona will bring with her a wealth of experience from over 25 years in the biotechnology sector. Her extensive background in science, combined with a proven track record of driving growth and innovation, positions her as a respected leader in the life science research market.

Educated in the UK, Fiona holds a Ph.D. in Physiology/Pharmacology and a B.Sc. in Pharmacology, and has successfully leveraged her scientific insights to excel in strategic marketing and drive business expansion. Her career highlights include spearheading revenue growth, crafting cutting-edge go-to-market strategies, and overseeing product management within the competitive life science research arena.

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Fiona's professional journey includes pivotal roles at Biosource International, Meso Scale Diagnostics, ThermoFisher Scientific and more recently at Sartorius, where she has consistently excelled in building brands and expanding market presence. She has managed global teams and budgets with a focus on transformative returns through innovative marketing strategies targeting attractive growth segments. As she takes on the role of Chief Marketing Officer, Fiona's expertise is expected to drive the company's growth and solidify its market position. Her dynamic and informed marketing leadership is set to propel the company towards a future of sustained success.