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Refeyn’s New SamuxMP Mass Photometer Promises to Significantly Improve AAV Workflows

Refeyn’s New SamuxMP Mass Photometer Promises to Significantly Improve AAV Workflows content piece image
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Refeyn has announced the launch of its new SamuxMP mass photometer, which dramatically improves the time and cost efficiency of adeno-associated-virus (AAV) characterisation. Introduced at PepTalk, the SamuxMP overcomes the drawbacks of the current gold standard analytical methods by enabling users to rapidly and cost-effectively determine empty/full capsid ratios for AAVs of any serotype at the bench using very low sample volumes and concentrations, and with minimal sample preparation. Scientists involved in the development of gene therapies and AAV-based therapeutics will now be able to enhance productivity and speed up workflows through more frequent analyses in-house, making R&D and process development significantly more efficient.

First commercialised by Refeyn, mass photometry is a unique bioanalytical technology that enables the measurement of molecular mass at the single-particle level by quantifying light scattering from biomolecules in solution. The technique offers significant advantages for AAV analytics over alternative methods, such as Transmission electron microscopy (TEM), Analytical ultracentrifugation (AUC), and ELISA/qPCR. These methods often require more investment, space, sample, and expertise, or can only provide limited information compared to mass photometry. The SamuxMP, is a serotype-agnostic instrument that provides comparable empty/full AAV capsid ratio analysis faster, more cost-effectively, and with much less sample than current methods.

Designed to be easy to use with only basic training, the SamuxMP mass photometer represents a significant step forward in AAV analytics. The instrument has a mass range tailored for AAV analysis and provides accurate results in less than five minutes from sample loading to final result. Combined with low-operational costs and a small footprint, the SamuxMP enables routine quantification of empty/full AAV capsid ratios, even in smaller labs, to set a new standard in AAV characterisation.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of our SamuxMP mass photometer for fast, accurate, and accessible AAV analysis”, said Anthony Fernandez, CEO, Refeyn. “Mass photometry provides an opportunity to overcome the analytical bottleneck in the gene therapy sphere for AAV-based therapeutics and we wanted to develop an instrument that would enable a real gain in efficiency. The SamuxMP delivers precise results from the bench whilst reducing cost and preparation time. It will enable researchers to focus on what they do best, and make AAV analytics just another part of their day-to-day workflows. We look forward to working with the bioscience research community to continue delivering innovative instruments that will simplify biomolecule characterisation.”