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Rental Option for LIMS Offers ‘Try Before you Buy’ Business Benefits

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Two Fold Software Limited, is looking to protect prospective customers from wasting time and valuable capital installing the wrong LIMS solution for their requirements with a rental payment option for its Qualoupe LIMS solution.

A new breed of easy-to-use LIMS that offers major productivity gains, improved quality management and reporting flexibility, the Qualoupe LIMS features an intuitive, configurable user interface that greatly simplifies LIMS use and revolutionizes work flow to offer significantly lower running costs and the opportunity to minimize staffing levels.

The monthly rental payment option is now available for Two Fold Software’s Qualoupe LIMS in conjunction with the company’s normal purchase solution. The new rental alternative offers several business benefits which include:

• The capability to conserve valuable capital reserves;
• A monthly tax efficient rental fee that can be offset against any corporation tax burden;
• A quick return on investment as a consequence of the low monthly fee and the minimal effort needed to go live.

“We originally introduced the rental option for our easy-to-use Qualoupe LIMS solution to enable medium and smaller businesses to be able to afford a commercial LIMS, this proved to be successful and delivered a number of benefits,” explained Paul Bateman, Two Fold Software’s Business Development Manager.

Bateman continued, “However, since introducing the rental scheme we have found that there are several other business benefits. For example, when you consider that more than 50 percent of LIMS ever installed fail to deliver fully what the customer was expecting, it explains why prospective customers are often concerned about wasting valuable capital on the wrong system.”

“Many companies can often go through the expensive evaluation and selection process and still get it wrong. The rental option helps here because there is no contract only an agreement to pay the monthly fee if they are using the system. So if the LIMS solution should fail to deliver the required result they simply cease to pay and that is the end of it. We believe the rental option totally removes the risk in selection.”

“Even if a client wants to purchase it makes sense to rent first and then purchase outright at a later stage. We regularly replace existing LIMS systems previously purchased from other vendors. In this scenario clients have pointed out that Qualoupe’s rental cost during the year is less than the annual support for their previous LIMS and that means they are able to get a new LIMS without increasing their ongoing costs. An additional benefit of renting a Qualoupe LIMS is that it represents a fraction of the cost of recruiting a new staff member while enabling a company to achieve a greater work throughput. This is very attractive at a time when managers are under pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency.”

Another advantage of taking the rental approach is that some clients are able to pay for their LIMS out of their consumables budget due to the small monthly costs associated with the rental option which also avoids the need for time consuming cost justification process or in some cases the cost of issuing and subsequently evaluating an Request for Proposal (RFP).