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Restek Named One of Region’s Healthiest Employers

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Restek was selected by the Healthiest Employers Awards as an employer committed to creating a healthy workplace.

The awards, administered by Springbuk, a healthcare data analytics software platform, honor organizations on a regional and national basis. Restek was selected as part of the Greater Philadelphia region, and Mike Perlozzo, Restek’s wellness coordinator, attended the ceremony on June 13 in Philadelphia. The company is also in the running to be selected as one of the 100 Healthiest Workplaces in America.

Restek employs three full-time wellness professionals who operate out of a recently built 17,000-square foot, top-of-the-line facility for employee-owners and their family members to enjoy fitness, basketball, volleyball, soccer, badminton, yoga, and many other activities.

“We are proud to be able to offer employees and their families opportunities to improve their health and wellness, and grateful to have the support of our leaders in doing so,” Perlozzo said.

In addition to fitness, the wellness team recently instituted a nutrition coaching program in 2016, and the number of employees meeting nutrition guidelines rose from 9.8% to 19.7% in two years.

Restek also pays the testing costs for biometric screening onsite for employees and their spouses. These tests include a standard lipid panel, glucose, A-1C (for diabetes type I and II), and a PSA prostate cancer screening for men 45 and older.

Restek founder Paul Silvis started the Restek wellness program in the late 1980s in an empty space in the original building with just a universal weight machine and punching bag. In 2004, Restek hired its first full-time wellness coordinator; in 2005 the official Restek Wellness Program was introduced; and in 2017, its designated wellness center, Founder’s Point, was built. Restek is currently the only company in Centre County with full-time health and fitness trainers.