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Revolutionising Nanoparticle Production: Technical Evaluation Introduces Cutting-Edge Formulation Technology

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In a significant stride towards advancing nanoparticle drug delivery manufacturing technology, German pharmatech company, leon-nanodrugs GmbH (LEON), proudly announces a pioneering technical evaluation by CMAC, University of Strathclyde. This joint effort brings together the expertise of Professor Yvonne Perrie and the team at CMAC with LEON’s science experts. The aim of the studies was to test LEON’s proprietary state-of-the-art FR-JET formulation technology poised to reshape the landscape of nanoparticle manufacturing.


Lipid nanoparticles have garnered increasing attention in the pharmaceutical industry for their potential in targeted drug delivery, gene therapy, and vaccine development. However, their widespread adoption has been hindered by limitations in production methods. Recognising this critical gap, LEON embarked on a mission to develop and deploy advanced technology and equipment specifically tailored for the efficient and scalable GMP production of lipid nanoparticles.

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The team at Strathclyde were able to support LEON in confirming that the FR-JET technology reduces risks associated with process scale up and can be used to intensify the process to concentrations not usually achievable. The produced LNP models performed well in both in-vitro and in-vivo tests. “This study marks a notable accomplishment for LEON, showcasing the tangible impact that our cutting-edge FR-JET technology can have in pharmaceutical manufacturing, especially for economic individual batch manufacturing,” said Dr. Setu Kasera, CSO at LEON.


The collaborative effort underscores the power of partnership in driving technical progress and addressing complex challenges in healthcare. CMAC Director, Prof Alastair Florence said: “This is an exciting development for the centre, demonstrating the power of collaboration to bring leading academic and industry scientific expertise together to accelerate progress in medicines manufacturing.”