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Revvity Launches First Scientific SaaS Platform to Accelerate Drug and Materials Development

The Signals Research Suite software.

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Revvity, Inc. (NYSE: RVTY), announced the launch of its Signals Research Suite, a unified, cloud-native SaaS platform that drives scientific collaboration across R&D disciplines from drug discovery to specialty chemicals material development. The new solution from Revvity Signals Software, the software and informatics arm of Revvity, is available worldwide. It integrates the Revvity Signals NotebookVitroVivo and Inventa applications into a single, robust solution that supports the entire drug development process, from early research and in vitro testing and safety to early development as well as specialty chemicals new product development.

“With the Signals Research Suite, scientists can go further in their work with one solution that encapsulates the products they already trust and avoids the complexities and inefficiencies of a piecemeal, application-centric ecosystem,” said Kevin Willoe, senior vice president and general manager of the newly-branded Revvity Signals Software.

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A Unified Platform to Streamline Collaboration

Unlike siloed point solutions that prevent seamless collaboration and data sharing, the Signals Research Suite includes a trio of scientifically intelligent and integrated software applications that serve the entire Make-Test-Decide lifecycle. It features advanced analytics, visualizations powered by TIBCO Spotfire®, native industry gold standard ChemDraw® integration, and a modern, streamlined interface that allows for complete control in configuring workflows for a wide-range of technique, modality and datatype interfaces. With secure single-sign-on access to all applications, as well as centrally located data tutorials, training videos and software release information, Signals Research Suite users can spend more time focusing on their experiments instead of switching between independent solutions.

Secure Data that Supports Regulatory Compliance

Developed in line with best practices for data security and integrity, the Signals Research Suite implements 24/7 global security monitoring, alerting and escalation by the Revvity Signals Software Security Operations Center. The platform can be deployed in either a multi-tenant or private-cloud environment and is designed to meet standard IT requirements for automatic updates and cloud security controls. Also, by automating routine tasks and workflows, data within the Suite is findable, accessible, interoperable and reproducible (FAIR), aiding in data integrity and regulatory compliance.

Better Data, Insights & Outcomes

The Signals Research Suite is the first fully integrated SaaS platform for both discovery chemistry and discovery biology, ideally suited for research use cases involving early and late stage in-vitro assays, cell line optimization, biologics process optimization, in vitro DMPK assays, animal pharmacokinetic studies, stage animal efficacy and safety studies. And, for the specialty chemicals industry, Signals Research Suite empowers new product development workflows by increasing productivity, helps to improve product performance by simplifying screening and optimization processes, reduces new product development timelines, and supports better decision making with easier data sharing. It is also the first solution announced by the Revvity Signals Software brand since rebranding from PerkinElmer Informatics.

“As a group, our commitment has long been to facilitate faster, more efficient communication between scientists by providing the tools they need to identify critical insights in data, share ideas and find information with ease,” added Willoe. “We feel that the name ‘Signals’ embodies this commitment and will continue to guide our work into the future.”