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Revvity Signals Software and Scitara Expand Strategic Relationship To Accelerate Laboratory Digital Transformation

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Revvity announced that its Revvity Signals Software business has entered into a strategic relationship with Scitara – a leading global provider of cloud-based solutions for the scientific industry. Together, the companies will transform the way R&D teams work across the biotech, pharmaceutical and chemical industries with technology that accelerates digital transformation in the lab environment. Revvity Signals Software has added a new “Signals Digital Lab Exchange” offering to its product portfolio that combines Scitara’s DLXTM technology with Revvity’s existing Signals platform to accelerate the flow of scientific data to-and-from the Revvity Signals Research Suite.

For Revvity Signals Research Suite customers, the added Scitara DLXTM capabilities are designed to allow customers to realize the benefits of true data mobility across the entire lab ecosystem, which can dramatically improve scientific productivity. Revvity will be offering the Scitara DLX technology through its global sales, services and support team, providing customers an end-to-end solution.

Driving R&D Productivity

Since April 2022, Scitara and Revvity Signals Software have worked together to help R&D teams create fully connected laboratories via Scitara’s Digital Lab Exchange DLX – the first integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) for science. By furthering this relationship and making Scitara DLX an even more interconnected part of the Revvity Signals platform, Revvity and Scitara intend to help accelerate lab digital transformation by connecting previously disparate instruments, systems and resources within a consistent and scalable cloud-based environment.

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“The transformative technologies we’ve brought together through this expanded relationship hold real power and potential for R&D teams looking to realize their vision of a truly connected modern lab,” said Scitara CEO and Chairman Ajit Nagral. “The wide adoption and expanding scope of the Revvity Signals Research Suite have exposed more research professionals to the Scitara cloud platform and user-friendly service suite, which in turn can boost productivity via true universal connectivity. This expanded relationship further cements Scitara DLX’s position as the integration platform of choice for informatics and instrument vendors in our industry.”

Transforming Data into Insights

With the new Industry 4.0 and Lab Digitalization initiatives, scientists must be able to work seamlessly to share ideas and extract critical insights from data. In doing so, proper handling and retention of data is paramount.

Scitara’s DLX technology supports enterprise-wide data flow and data management through pre-built instrument and system connectors deployed in an integrated iPaaS environment. Combined with capabilities built into the Revvity Signals Research Suite, users can orchestrate even the most complex data motions, such as offloading local files and instrument output to operational, archival and AI-ready data repositories.

“As organizations seek to reap the benefits of machine learning and artificial intelligence, the ability to rapidly integrate, curate and annotate data into analysis-ready repositories becomes imperative. This is no longer a lab of the future discussion,” said SVP and General Manager of Revvity Signals Software Kevin Willoe. “The combination of the Revvity Signals Research Suite and Scitara Digital Lab Exchange is designed to provide scientists with new insights to drive faster decisions by turning data into knowledge, thereby enabling the acceleration of products to market.”