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SCIEX Launches the New Cornerstone of Software Ecosystem - SCIEX OS 3.0

SCIEX Launches the New Cornerstone of Software Ecosystem - SCIEX OS 3.0 content piece image
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At ASMS 2022, SCIEX, launches SCIEX OS software v3.0, a software ecosystem built on accessibility, connectivity and integration. With this launch, SCIEX OS software powers mass spectrometers across the SCIEX portfolio and enables the SCIEX ecosystem to deliver better quality data, boosted workflow efficiencies and comprehensive auditing advancements.

In addition to enabling Zeno SWATH DIA, also launched today, SCIEX OS software v3.0 features stMRM, a data rich, scout triggered MRM workflow. stMRM couples improved efficiency with better-quality data across vast screening workflows. It utilizes the intelligent monitoring of marker compounds to trigger the acquisition of later eluting dependent transitions to identify dependent compounds. stMRM removes analytical dependencies of chromatographic retention times allowing for improved cycle and dwell across compound transitions.

“Scout triggered MRM is being used at our institution to monitor 300 characteristic peptides in an 8 minute run-time, to specifically identify the pathogens concerned with sepsis. This research could start to impact patients in as little as 3 years,” said Jérôme Lemoine from Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University.

SCIEX OS software v3.0 brings laboratory administration to a new level of efficiency and comprehension with the launch of the Central Administration Console. This new feature brings project management, user profiles, permissions and security into a simple and navigable interface.

In addition, this launch improves accessibility to SCIEX systems with new language packs. Customers will now be able to operate SCIEX OS software in 9 languages, Chinese (simplified), German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese.

“Globally, customers have told us they need to be connected to their data. They need it to be readily accessible. They need software, free of barriers and obstacles that will evolve as their challenges evolve, and interpret data in a way that unlocks biological meaning. Connecting people to their pursuits and the pursuits of others is the inspiration for creating this unified software ecosystem,” said Joe Fox, President at SCIEX.