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SciQuest Delivers Next Level of Spend Automation

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SciQuest, Inc., one of the largest pure-play provider of cloud-based business automation solutions for spend management, has announced the next release of its spend management suite. With major enhancements to supplier on-boarding and management, advanced sourcing, chemical inventory management and reporting, the new release demonstrates the company's ongoing commitment to integrate newly acquired products into the suite while continuing to invest in existing product enhancements to meet customer needs.

As part of the new release, SciQuest's next-generation Total Supplier Manager solution will be fully integrated into the source-to-settle suite, allowing users to manage supplier data and automate supplier registration from a single, easy-to-use portal. With the next-generation On-Boarding module, SciQuest users will now be able to automate supplier onboarding by collecting critical Accounts Payable, tax, insurance and diversity documentation while syncing supplier data with ERP systems.

"Over the past few years, we've made significant advances in broadening our set of spend management solutions and executing on a customer-driven vision for spend management," said Mark Digman, Vice President, Product Marketing and Strategy at SciQuest. "With each release, we're making important strides toward fulfilling that vision. We are improving the breadth and depth of our solutions while providing seamless workflow and a rich customer experience."

The new release also includes enhancements to SciQuest's Advanced Sourcing Optimizer, with new capabilities that increase the ways in which sourcing teams can model price and non-price information when analyzing sourcing decisions. As a result, users can increase their spend under management and make better sourcing decisions by better understanding the information collected from suppliers and the impact of their decisions on their business.

SciQuest's leading chemical inventory management solution, Enterprise Reagent Manager (ERM), is now available as a single-tenant software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. In the single-tenant SaaS offering, customers can manage the procurement and inventory of regulated chemicals, laboratory supplies and research materials in a secure environment without costly infrastructure requirements. Enterprise Reagent Manager now provides cost savings and regulatory compliance in both the on-premise and in a single-tenant SaaS environment for customers in pharmaceuticals, chemical manufacturing, higher education and other research environments.