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SOPHiA GENETICS Acquires Interactive Biosoftware to Drive Growth

SOPHiA GENETICS Acquires Interactive Biosoftware to Drive Growth content piece image
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SOPHiA GENETICS, global leader in Data-Driven Medicine, announced at the European Human Genetics Conference (ESHG 2018) that it has completed the acquisition of French-based tech company Interactive Biosoftware (IBS), the creators of Alamut®, the most used decision support software for clinical genomic data interpretation.

Alamut® is currently deployed in over 450 hospitals and is highly complementary to SOPHiA GENETICS' offering. This is an important milestone that will further accelerate the adoption of Data-Driven Medicine around the world.

The acquisition reinforces SOPHiA GENETICS' commitment to continuously support hospitals and patients with powerful technologies. Interactive Biosoftware's expertise and teams will join SOPHiA GENETICS' workforce. A seamless onboarding will ensure Alamut® users' experience.

"Interactive Biosoftware has been highly successful in providing powerful technology for experts with complex genomic interpretation needs. It is great to join SOPHiA GENETICS' unique approach and position to accelerate Data-Driven Medicine's adoption." - André Blavier CEO & Founder at Interactive Biosoftware.

"We are very excited about the acquisition of Interactive Biosoftware. Both SOPHiA AI and Alamut® are technologies trusted by the healthcare community and focus on patient-centric innovation. The addition of Alamut® marks a big step in our aim to help clinicians better diagnose patients equally. With a community of now over 900 teaching hospitals using our technologies we are in a unique position to connect clinicians and enable them to share knowledge." - Jurgi Camblong, CEO & Co-founder at SOPHiA GENETICS.