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Spectro Scientific Introduces TruVu 360™ Enterprise Fluid Intelligence Platform

Spectro Scientific Introduces TruVu 360™ Enterprise Fluid Intelligence Platform content piece image
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Spectro Scientific, one of the world’s largest suppliers of oil, fuel, and processed-water analysis instrumentation and software, has introduced TruVu 360™ Enterprise Fluid Intelligence Platform, an all-encompassing web-based fluid analysis data management system. The new platform simplifies and streamlines the fluid analysis process so high-quality information and actionable intelligence facilitate rapid decision-making. It closes the gap between maintenance recommendations on the oil analysis report and the impact on continuous process improvement. Visually and graphically, it provides a dashboard so management can see the effectiveness of the program across the enterprise in real time. TruVu 360 integrates Spectro’s MiniLab on-site oil analysis hardware used in industrial applications in manufacturing, mining, oil & gas and power generation.

Spectro Scientific president and CEO Brian Mitchell said, “TruVu 360 solutions represent a breakthrough in real-time fluid intelligence through its seamless, enterprise-wide integration of hardware, software, and services. The combination of immediate analysis data with information management and diagnostic interpretation input as well as performance measurement evaluations will boost users’ uptime and cost savings and thereby maximize their operational efficiency and overall profitability, preparing them for full participation in Industry 4.0.”

TruVu 360 addresses many of the current issues and frustrations with current fluid analysis methodologies. For example, it can be difficult to standardize workflows across an enterprise because of wide variations in process times, different levels of laboratory expertise, and without a tool to monitor and visualize the results globally. Perhaps most concerning, it is virtually impossible to leverage any of the improvements learned because of all the fragmented data gleaned from many sources. Now, with TruVu 360 Enterprise Fluid Intelligence, these challenges and more are solved with its standardized and adaptive “Rules Engine” diagnostic process, its Enterprise Cloud Software access and its “at a glance” device dashboard that reflects conditions and results in real time. In essence, TruVu 360 enables users to track fluid condition on an immediate basis to detect and ameliorate fluid contamination and machine wear as well as manage proactive maintenance and fluid replacement activities.

In operation, TruVu 360 is a web browser-based user interface that can be installed on a local PC, central server and hosted in a public cloud. There are three main user categories: The Enterprise user can access and manage multiple sites and the corporate dashboard console. The Site user has single site access and can be further restricted to certain areas of the site and can manage the oil analysis process. The Site Reader also has single site access and/or a read only access.

With regard to analytical hardware, the new program has been initially introduced with its MiniLab on-site oil analysis lab for industrial applications in manufacturing, mining, oil and gas and power generation. When performing measurements on-site, the MiniLab cuts the wait time for analysis results from days or weeks to minutes, compared to lab-based fluid analysis, and enables users to make immediate maintenance decisions that reduce unexpected downtime and costs and eliminate potential catastrophic machine failures. The data produced also facilitate efficient scheduling of proactive maintenance and fluid renewal actions, improving utilization of resources and machine time. Over the next 12 months, Spectro’s entire suite of fluid analysis instruments will work in concert with its TruVu 360 Enterprise Fluid Intelligence Platform.