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STACS DNA Delivers Unparalleled Productivity Software to DNA Databank Labs

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STACS DNA Inc. has announced the launch of STACS-DB 6.0, with updates designed to further increase productivity, prevent errors, increase flexibility and reduce the need for IT support at forensic DNA databank laboratories. Seven of the eight largest DNA databank labs in North America use STACS-DB Enterprise, including the FBI and RCMP.

“As the solution of choice for all the biggest DNA databank labs, STACS-DB Enterprise was already in a class by itself,” said Jocelyn Tremblay, President and COO of STACS DNA.  “We made it easier to use, with new requested functionality, so that our clients’ will save time and money, making their labs more effective, ultimately ensuring that justice is more swiftly served.”

A revamped user interface is the most visible enhancement, designed to be easier to use and increase productivity. Users are able to customize screens, filter and sort worklists and more easily work with multiple modules simultaneously.

Upgrading to future releases will be faster and easier. STACS-DB 6.0 introduces the smart client approach, which offers the combined benefits of eliminating the need to upgrade individual workstations, while continuing to support STACS-DB’s rich user interface. Only the server is upgraded; users simply click on a STACS-DB desktop shortcut to access the software. Given that large DNA databanks may have more than 50 users, this approach eliminates hours of work for the IT department.

Other highlights from the many new features introduced in STACS-DB 6.0 include:

• the ability to access key information such as sample rework history, plate content, plate history and related comments at more points throughout processing;

• the addition of the Copan CPA200 and the Agilent Biocel and Agilent Bravo platforms to the list of supported instruments; and

• an enhanced training testing process designed to be more flexible and improve testing procedures.