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Thermo Fisher Scientific and Structura Biotechnology Collaborate To Offer a Solution for Real-Time Cryo-EM Data Analysis

Thermo Fisher Scientific and Structura Biotechnology Collaborate To Offer a Solution for Real-Time Cryo-EM Data Analysis content piece image
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Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. and Structura Biotechnology Inc. have announced a collaboration to make available a new single particle analysis software solution, a version of Structura’s CryoSPARC Live, that is designed to integrate with Thermo Fisher’s Smart EPU software and cryo-transmission electron microscope (cryo-TEM) technology. The new solution, Embedded CryoSPARC Live, will be offered as a subscription.


Embedded CryoSPARC Live will enable cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) users of all experience levels to obtain high-quality data while reducing the time it takes to transform raw data into high-quality 3D protein structures from days to hours.


Embedded CryoSPARC Live will offer real-time cryo-EM data analysis, including pre-processing (motion correction and CTF estimation), particle picking and extraction, streaming 2D classification, ab-initio 3D reconstruction, and streaming 3D refinement. This workflow will enable users to make decisions to optimize data acquisition and can be used as an input for Smart EPU plugins, which automatically adjust EPU data acquisition parameters in real-time. 


“We’re thrilled to make this announcement with Structura Biotechnology as we work together to make cryo-EM more accessible, productive and easy to use,” said Trisha Rice, vice president and general manager of life sciences at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “This solution represents a major step forward in our plans to deliver a fully automated and intelligent cryo-EM imaging platform.”


“We’re excited to collaborate with Thermo Fisher Scientific and deliver a powerful solution that will help users in research and commercial settings move towards a more optimized and high-throughput cryo-EM workflow,” said Ali Punjani, CEO at Structura Biotechnology.


Embedded CryoSPARC Live will soon be available as an add-on for Smart EPU users and can be configured to connect to Thermo Fisher’s entire cryo-TEM portfolio, including the Thermo Scientific Tundra, Glacios and Krios Cryo-TEMs.