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Thermo Fisher Scientific Automates Cytogenetic Research Data Interpretation and Reporting With AI

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Thermo Fisher Scientific has upgraded its Applied Biosystems Chromosome Analysis Suite (ChAS) software* through a collaboration with Genoox, a community-driven genomic data company. ChAS users globally will be able to access Genoox’s cloud-based AI platform, Franklin, with the launch of CytoScan Automated Interpretation and Reporting (AIR) solution, making cytogenetic research data analysis easier. 

By automating interpretation and reporting, ChAS with Franklin provides an intuitive and flexible workflow for instant access to consistent, reproducible cytogenetic analysis results. While manual interpretation can take hours, ChAS users can now get accurate results in just seconds. 

“We developed ChAS software with input from leading cytogeneticists and continue to work with our customers to make data simpler and more intuitive,” said Chad Carter, vice president and general manager, microarrays genetic solutions, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “By collaborating with Genoox, we can make data interpretation even easier so our customers can focus on their research.”  

Key applications

Cytogenetic research in areas including reproductive health and oncology. 


  • AI-driven data interpretation and reporting: Consistent, accurate results available in seconds so researchers can focus on discovery. 
  • Improved evidence support: Options for segment prioritization include the most up-to-date American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG) classifications, phenotype matching, literature searches and historic data.  
  • Customized reporting: Intuitive and simple-to-use interface enables easy customization, reporting, evaluation and sign-off. 
  • Database management and expansion: Access to Franklin knowledge base enables users to link evidence with observations and assessments for internal database development and curation. 
  • Relevant insights: Community-driven cytogenetics research platform provides more than 350,000 shared classifications of variants and advanced metrics.

*For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.