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Thermo Fisher Scientific Expands Digital Research Management Solutions

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To better meet the needs of the modern scientist, Labguru (BioData) has announced an agreement with Thermo Fisher Scientific to enable the distribution of its Labguru Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) module alongside Thermo Fisher’s suite of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and lab operations software solutions. With these complementary products, Thermo Fisher customers will address research management needs through enhanced digital lab connectivity, improving cross-functional collaboration and benefiting from a digitally enabled pathway to research-based innovation.   


Sophisticated lab software is essential to accelerating life sciences research and supporting scalable globalization of findings. As a cloud-based system, the Labguru ELN enables more collaboration in a single lab and between scientists by making data visible across lab users, simplifying systems management and automating daily tasks for increased efficiency.   

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By integrating Thermo Scientific LIMS or lab operations software with the Labguru ELN, laboratories can benefit from seamless data exchange, traceability, streamlined workflows, collaboration capabilities, comprehensive data analysis and regulatory compliance.   


Together, Thermo Fisher and Labguru aim to help laboratories increase productivity, enhance decision-making, and enable more efficient scientific research. 


Key applications: For chemists and structural biologists in research and development, process development and manufacturing, and bioanalysis who need connected laboratories for collaboration among lab analysts, lab managers and system admins.    


Key benefits:  

  • Integrate the Labguru ELN seamlessly with existing workflows and procedures in Thermo Scientific LIMS software, enabling end-to-end visibility across experiments.   
  • Gain the advantage of exceptional support, service and a singular experience for all software and equipment needs by receiving assistance from one provider.