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Thermo Scientific Introduces CONNECTS for the Paperless Lab

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Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has introduced Thermo Scientific CONNECTS for the Paperless Lab, a combined methodology, technology and services offering that transforms laboratories into tightly integrated paperless environments.

Thermo Fisher will showcase CONNECTS™ in Thermo Scientific booth 2665 during Pittcon 2012, being held from March 11-15, in Orlando.

CONNECTS leverages existing investments in software systems, databases and laboratory instrumentation from a wide variety of commercial vendors to bridge the islands of data generated in laboratories, transforming that data into information that can be used across the enterprise.

CONNECTS is designed to enable real-time access to information and improve regulatory compliance and data integrity while helping save time and costs by automating processes and reducing manual data handling.

CONNECTS for the Paperless Lab comprises three unique components - methodology, technology and services - that, combined, are designed to deliver seamless and continuous data flows from the lab into the enterprise to improve results analysis, enable faster decision-making and improve productivity. CONNECTS includes the following:

Methodology: A comprehensive, solutions-oriented consultation assesses an organization’s current level of laboratory automation, instrument integration and workflow.

The assessment highlights potential ROI and operational gains and delivers a plan for implementing solutions that address instances where current workflow relies on human intervention, which can be the cause of bottlenecks or introduce errors.

Technology: The vendor-neutral suite of data integration, visualization and management technologies delivers comprehensive laboratory workflow automation, integrating instruments and equipment and connecting data sources with data destinations via a single interface.

CONNECTS technology translates disparate instrument languages and converts raw data to a vendor-independent XML storage format for future-proof data archiving.

The technology consolidates analytical results enterprise-wide, providing access to raw data and instruments from any web browser or mobile device.

Services: Pre- and post-implementation consulting services are based on a widely deployed proven methodology designed to ensure the paperless environment is continuously optimized.

“CONNECTS for the Paperless Lab helps our customers move closer to the goal of achieving a truly paperless lab environment, giving them more opportunities for near-instant decision-making,” said Dave Champagne, vice president and general manager for Thermo Fisher’s Informatics business.

Champagne continued, “It integrates disparate sources of data, including laboratory systems like LIMS, ELNs, CDS, DMS and all related instrumentation; enterprise systems such as MES, PIMS and ERP; and communications tools like Sharepoint and BizTalk. Organizations will experience improved workflow, increased automation, consolidated data management and more harmonized business processes. CONNECTS is designed to provide greater visibility into key business metrics while simultaneously helping to reduce costs.”

For more information about CONNECTS for the Paperless Lab, please visit Thermo Scientific booth 2665 at Pittcon 2012.