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Wi-Fi Enabled Handheld Tube Reader

The DataPaq™ Handheld 2 tube reader
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Ziath has launched its next generation DataPaq™ Handheld 2 tube reader - designed to be held and operated in one hand, leaving the other free for tube handling. 

Designed for easy portability, the new DataPaq™ Handheld 2 is a dedicated standalone device for rapidly reading single 2D bar-coded tubes. Its highly intuitive interface, and easy-to-read display, simplify and speed operation.

The software on the mobile phone sized device is pre-loaded and boots up immediately with a battery life of up to a week. Charging is via a USB 3 port.

The DataPaq™ Handheld 2 has four operating modes. Barcode Scanning enables you to rapidly scan a tube barcode and view it on screen. Data Entry allows you to scan a tube barcode and enter the information about the contained sample and store it in your sample information database. Data View allows you to scan a barcode and see details of the sample in the tube. Picklist mode allows you to enter a tube picklist using the associated client on a PC and scan the tubes with the DataPaq™ Handheld 2 to ensure you have selected the correct tubes from the freezer. Connection by Wi-Fi allows the DataPaq™ Handheld 2 to be used wherever you keep your samples.