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Wiley Acquires Bio-Rad’s Informatics Spectroscopy Software and Spectral Databases

Wiley Acquires Bio-Rad’s Informatics Spectroscopy Software and Spectral Databases content piece image
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John Wiley and Sons Inc. has announced the acquisition of Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.’s Informatics products including the company’s spectroscopy software and spectral databases. The acquisition adds expertise, content, and powerful software to Wiley’s Science Solutions segment. Terms of the agreement are not disclosed.

“Laboratory-generated data is at the heart of all research. We welcome these new spectroscopy products and services that will help enhance the Wiley Science Solutions portfolio,” said Judy Verses, Executive Vice President, Wiley Research. “These software and spectral libraries are invaluable interpretation tools for researchers who are making an impact in laboratories ranging from environmental to pharmaceutical, and from aerospace to toxicology.”

As one of the largest providers of spectral libraries in mass spectrometry and long-standing partner of Wiley, Bio-Rad’s Sadtler spectra databases in IR, Raman, UV-Vis and NMR allows Wiley to expand its offering in the spectroscopy market. With the acquisition of Bio-Rad’s KnowItAll desktop spectroscopy data system (SDS), server SDS, web-server SDS and ChemWindow chemical structure drawing software, Wiley is poised to enhance its support in vital areas of research data interpretation.