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Double helix structure of DNA.
Product News

Evotec and QIAGEN Enter Software Collaboration for Enhanced Multi-Omics Data Insights

Collaboration leverages synergies of QIAGEN’s OmicSoft omics data through Evotec’s analysis platform PanHunter.
A scientist holding up a vial.
Product News

Shimadzu’s MALDI EasyCare Upgrade for MALDI-8000 Series TOF Mass Spectrometers Helps To Maintain Optimal Performance for Challenging Applications

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduces its MALDI EasyCare solution that provides a convenient way for users of the MALDI-8000 Series TOF Mass Spectrometers to perform routine upkeep on the system.
A scientist behind a screen.
Product News

Shimadzu’s New Next-Generation GCMS Provides Outstanding Sensitivity, Stability and Speed

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduces its next-generation gas chromatograph mass spectrometer – the GCMS-QP2050.
AI written on a computer chip.
Product News

SCIEX and Mass Analytica Collaborate To Advance Artificial Intelligence Quantitation Software

At ASMS 2024, SCIEX, in collaboration with Mass Analytica, presents artificial intelligence quantitation (AI quant) software.
Protein structure.
Product News

Waters Sets New Standards for High Resolution Performance and Speed With Xevo MRT Mass Spectrometer

Waters Xevo™ MRT Mass Spectrometer employs next-generation multi-reflecting time-of-flight technology to deliver class-leading combination of high resolution and speed without compromising analytical performance.
Product News

Bruker Launches Ultimate Sensitivity timsTOF Ultra 2 To Enable New Research Paradigms in Single-Cell and Subcellular Proteomics

At the 72nd ASMS meeting, Bruker Corporation (Nasdaq: BRKR) launches the new top-of-the-line timsTOF Ultra 2 system with significantly further enhanced sensitivity for deep profiling of small cells and subcellular organelles.