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Alissa Clinical Informatics for Genetic and Pathology Labs

Alissa Clinical Informatics for Genetic and Pathology Labs

Alissa Clinical Informatics for Genetic and Pathology Labs

Alissa Clinical Informatics for Genetic and Pathology Labs

Agilent Technologies

Designed to improve operational excellence in clinical genetic, molecular pathology, and clinical research labs, Agilent Alissa Clinical Informatics platform streamlines your data analysis and variant assessment workflows—providing first-class support from raw reads to draft reports.

With Alissa, you gain complete control over your downstream data workflow, across all your applications from pre- and post-natal to germline and somatic cancer. Alissa offers you expanded analysis capabilities for both molecular and structural variants, coming from microarray and next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies, from small panels to whole genomes.

Save valuable time in your lab by driving raw NGS data to called variants on Alissa Align & Call. Your scalable data analysis pipelines, optimized for Agilent SureSelect, HaloPlex, and OneSeq libraries and reagents, will seamlessly integrate with Alissa Interpret* for efficient and fully automatable variant triage and assessment. You can also choose to start on the Alissa platform by directly bringing your own VCF files into Alissa Interpret.

Using Alissa Interpret for reviewing your actionable variants of interest in the context of relevant databases and quickly producing lab reports with clinical-ready and customizable templates will introduce a level of efficiency that enables your lab to keep pace with the rapidly evolving opportunities in clinical genomics. Moreover, you can build your own knowledgebase of lab-curated variants and integrate them into your routine workflows—all on a single platform.

For clinical geneticists, Alissa offers a way to automate variant assessment according to the ACMG guidelines. The ability to combine NGS and microarray analysis in a single workflow enable geneticists to improve the diagnostic yield and throughput, providing timely answers to referrers. To ensure clinical variant assessment happens at the highest possible standard, Alissa offers clinical grade traceability and puts the tools at your fingertips to reliably review variants against the relevant up-to-date knowledge bases and your own in-house curated variant database. Alissa Interpret supports analyzing individual cases, trios and even complex families, and you can investigate multiple inheritance and segregation hypothesis based on the available phenotype information.

For molecular pathologists, variant assessment in a time-sensitive context is key. Faced with the challenge of efficiently implementing NGS panels in your lab routine, you want fast turnaround times and need to report on actionable variants and tailored therapeutic options in line with the molecular profile and tumor type of the patient. Alissa offers a clinical-grade somatic variant assessment and reporting platform that efficiently triages somatic variants from your VCF file, from any source, and filters down to relevant candidates for review. Variant review tools allow pathologists and clinical experts to access relevant therapeutic, prognostic, and diagnostic databases and findings to assess variants in their clinical context, including previous findings and information of biomedical relevance.

Alissa Clinical Informatics delivers innovative NGS and CGH data analysis, variant assessment and reporting modules on a single platform, optimizing workflows across technologies and applications, supercharging your data analysis from raw data, and shortening your time to results.

*Alissa Interpret is compatible with all secondary data analysis tools that produce standard VCF files.

Align & Call For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Alissa Interpret USA Class I Exempt Medical Device, Europe CE IVD, Canada and Australia Class I IVD Device.

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