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Ella™ Automated ELISA: Multiplexing Made Simple

Ella™ Automated ELISA: Multiplexing Made Simple

While immunoassay techniques continue to improve, there is a growing need for more advanced capabilities that can deliver faster throughput, greater sensitivity, and better ease of use. That’s where Simple Plex assays running on the automated Ella platform provide a distinct advantage—making it easier to use multiplex assays while accelerating results and improving data reliability and accuracy.

Ella performs immunoassays inside a consumable microfluidic cartridge. Similar to a pre‑kitted ELISA, all reagents including matched antibody pairs have been optimized and validated to kit performance specifications. But with Ella, the reagents are pre‑loaded onto a cartridge for ease of use. Running an assay simply requires adding diluted samples and wash buffer to the cartridge before placing the cartridge inside the Ella instrument. With preloaded factory-calibrated standard curves, no serial dilution steps are needed and fully analyzed data is available in less than 90 minutes.

Sub-picogram level detection provides Simple Plex assays with superior assay sensitivity. With elements tightly contained in the cartridge, each immunoassay is run the same way every time. The result: highly reproducible sample data and minimal variability. Ella helps optimize limited samples, requiring as little as 2.5 µL of sample while giving you all your results in triplicate.  

Key benefits: 

  • Automation to minimize hands on time and user error
  • Consistent biomarker detection  
  • Precise, reproducible, and ultrasensitive results
  • Eliminates variation between users and sites
  • No standard curve preparation
  • Compact size to fit on your benchtop

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Product Specifications
Sample Volume Required 2.5-25 µL
Validated Intra-assay CV <10%
Validated Inter-assay CV <12%
Dynamic range 3-4 logs
Sensitivity <1pg/mL (assay dependent)
Assay Runtime 75 Minutes
Ella Weight 16 kg (35.3 lbs)
Ella Dimensions (closed) 37 cm W x 54 cm D x 26 cm H
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