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Make Your Lab Life Easier With Thermo Fisher Connect Platform, Team Edition

Make Your Lab Life Easier With Thermo Fisher Connect Platform, Team Edition

Connect your research teams to make lab life easier

In a world where we realise incredible scientific advances every day, why do scientists’ struggle with the simple things? Reserving time and controlling access to instruments, and sharing, searching and analysing data, should be easier than authoring a paper, right? It is now. Thermo Fisher Connect Platform, Team edition, is here to make your lab life easier.

Bring together your scientific ecosystem

Every laboratory’s scientific ecosystem is different. Scientists need to interact with many elements to complete tasks and achieve their goals. From connecting and managing instruments and equipment, to purchasing reagents and consumables, to sharing and analysing data, the Thermo Fisher Connect platform puts the scientist at the centre of the laboratory ecosystem to deliver an enhanced experience, enabling researchers to focus on real scientific achievements.

Control access to instruments and equipment

No more post-it notes stuck on instruments in an attempt to secure analysis time. In the Connect Team lab, scientists are able to connect to instruments and equipment, and easily reserve time through a secure, intuitive portal. It takes seconds to connect an instrument, with no need to involve IT. Lab managers can reassign scheduled time to ensure work is prioritised effectively.

Secure data access and analysis

With Connect platform, Team edition, scientists can connect instruments and equipment to a central platform for data storage and scientific analysis, with an array of apps covering a range of disciplines to help derive real insights from your data. Share data with other users, while managing access and file permissions. Access to Thermo Fisher Services Central enables instrument service request and management.

Protect valuable IP and manage system access

Connect Platform Team edition offers expanded instrument connectivity with an enhanced reservation calendar. Teams get 1TB of Connect Platform cloud storage, with upgrades available. Your team, their accounts and data are all owned and managed by your organization. Data is retained from user accounts that are deactivated, and remains accessible to your admins, so you never lose control of your organization's data. Federated identity & single sign-on provide simplified login for your users and immediate access control by your IT organization.

Connect Platform, Team edition, is here to make your lab life easier. Visit thermofisher.com/connect to learn more.

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