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Thermo Scientific SampleManager XR Software

Thermo Scientific SampleManager XR Software

SampleManager XR software enables scientists to work hands free using extended reality technology to drive process compliance, repeatability, and integrity. Using extended reality technology along with Microsoft HoloLens, we’ve developed a solution to enable scientists to access Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS software in previously inaccessible areas of the lab. Organizations rely on laboratory software like SampleManager LIMS to support and maintain regulatory compliance, reducing the vast amounts of paper required to demonstrate process adherence, and driving quality and data integrity by eliminating errors through manual transcription.

LIMS or laboratory information management systems allow lab analysts to constantly refer to SOPs and document actions as and when they occur. But it’s not always possible to access a LIMS. Scientists often need to work in clean room environments or in fume cupboards, or wear gloves and other personal protective equipment which makes it impossible to use a computer. Documented actions and observations are then reliant on scribbled notes or memories until they can be added, resulting in questionable processes, and potentially unreliable results. SampleManager XR software solves these problems by enabling scientists to access and interact with the LIMS via a mixed reality headset.

Access the Lab Execution System in SampleManager LIMS where it’s previously not been possible
Analysts see method instructions displayed within field of view as they work
Capture pertinent method parameters in real time
Enter data accurately using automatic instrument readings, dictation or optical character recognition (OCR)
Drive audit traceability by recording data change reasons as they happen
Record and attach video or images as evidence of correct method execution
Reduce deviations through mixed reality training, guidance, and support with complex methods

Secure, personalized access

Analysts log in to SampleManager XR software securely using iris recognition, which can also be used to provide eSignatures where required. On login, a personalized to-do list displays any methods assigned or in process which are awaiting execution.

Instrument connectivity

SampleManager XR makes it possible to view real-time instrument and equipment availability and enter readings into SampleManager LIMS, without a laptop or tablet:

Connects directly to instruments and equipment, enabling readings to be entered directly into SampleManager software.
Readings or observations can also be dictated into SampleManager software, driving quality and data integrity.
Instrument panels show status, availability and workload for quick review.

Process compliance and data integrity

Since analysts are able to access the Lab Execution System (LES) hands free to review SOP processes and record notes, observations and instrument readings as they work, SampleManager XR improves process adherence and data quality:

Multimedia instructions for training, guidance, or support with complex methods.
For complete hands-free operation, there is the option to use voice commands or gaze, and the reason for any data changes can be recorded as they happen, driving audit traceability.
Videos or images of method execution can be recorded and attached as evidence that processes are correctly followed.

Improving the scientific experience

Scientists are often burdened by manual processes and administrative tasks which divert their attention from real goals. As well as delivering productivity gains, applying innovative technologies in the laboratory relieves the scientist of some of those burdens and enables them to focus on science.

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