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With a relentless mission to empower those seeking answers to life’s important scientific questions, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences is a preferred laboratory partner providing automation and innovation solutions for centrifugation, flow cytometry, genomics, particle analysis and liquid handling workflows. With a legacy dating back to 1935, their technologies reduce manual laboratory processes and can provide greater speed, accuracy and advanced analytics to accelerate answers, with a guiding focus to improve patient care and enable pioneering discoveries.

Latest Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Content

The Biomek i7 Automated Liquid Handler.
Product News

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences and 10x Genomics Partner To Enable Single Cell Workflow Automation

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, and 10x Genomics, Inc. (Nasdaq: TXG), announced a new partnership to expand automation solutions for single cell assay workflows.
Representation of human stem cells.
Industry Insight

How Automated Flow Cytometry Solutions Can Save Lives and Laboratory Resources

Dr. Andreas Boehmler explores how the arrival of new flow cytometry platforms finally puts powerful automation within reach for many labs, allowing operators to enumerate stem cells more quickly and accurately for transplant.
The ANATEL PAT700 TOC analyzer.
Product News

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Helps Labs With Upcoming Annex 1 Regulation Deadline

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, continues its relentless commitment to providing laboratories of all sizes with individualized and tailored support to meet the evolving list of regional and global compliance requirements.
Light Array Module
Product News

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Launches Industry’s First Microbioreactor Light Array Module

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences is lighting up microbioreactor research with its powerful new Light Array Module for the BioLector XT Microbioreactor.
Analyzer sample rack.
Product News

Beckman Coulter Unveils Next Generation Immunoassay Analyzer

Beckman Coulter has unveiled the DxI 9000 Access Immunoassay Analyzer, the most productive immunoassay analyzer per footprint.
The immunoanalyzer.
Product News

Beckman Coulter Launches the Only Immunoassay Analyzer With No Daily Maintenance

Beckman Coulter today unveiled the DxI 9000 Access Immunoassay Analyzer, the most productive immunoassay analyzer per footprint. The DxI 9000 Analyzer can run up to 215 tests per hour per square meter (tests/hr/m2).
A scientist pipetting flow cytometry dyes.
Product News

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Achieves Industry-First Reagent Certification

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences is helping laboratories prepare for critical upgrades to comply with the new In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Regulation (IVDR), and clearing up confusion for laboratories that will soon be governed by IVDR.
Gorilla hiding in vegetation in the jungle.

Where the Wild Things Are: Zoonotic Research Requires a Focus on the Wild

In this opinion piece, Han Wei and Brittany Niccum outline the need for vigilance about what’s happening in the natural world and how collaboration can help to identify and prepare for the next significant zoonotic threat.
3D illustration of virus particles and bacteria.
Product News

Beckman Coulter Partners With MeMed To Develop a Diagnostic Test To Distinguish Between Bacterial and Viral Infections

Beckman Coulter Diagnostics and MeMed have announced a strategic partnership to jointly develop and commercialize a host immune response diagnostic that is able to distinguish between bacterial and viral infections for use on the Access Family of Immunoassay Analysers.
The Biomek NGeniuS Next Generation Library Prep System
Product News

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Presenting at SLAS2023

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences will have a full team of dedicated professionals and informative programming at the upcoming Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening International Conference and Exhibition.