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Microplastics – Multimedia

Microplastics infographic teaser


Detecting and reducing the spread of microplastics is vital. Download this infographic to learn more about the key sources of microplastic pollution, current and emerging detection techniques, and regulatory action to combat this emerging pollutant.
Illustration of a hand holding a sperm cell.

The Essential Ingredients of Semen

In this video, Jonathan from the Institute of Human Anatomy discusses the components of semen, why it is necessary for sperm cells and reproduction and the glands that produce it such as the prostate gland.
Underwater shot of microplastics surrounding fish.

Microplastics: How Do They Spread?

Download this listicle to explore the routes of microplastic contamination, how microplastics can be detected and remediation techniques.
The Microplastic Emergency With Professor Éva Valsami-Jones content piece image

The Microplastic Emergency With Professor Éva Valsami-Jones

In this episode of Opinionated Science, Lucy Lawrence and Professor Éva Valsami-Jones take a deep dive into the global microplastic emergency and discuss how micro and nano plastics are infiltrating life as we know it.
Airborne Microplastics content piece image

Airborne Microplastics

Download this infographic to explore the emerging issue of airborne microplastics, their sources and detection and possible impacts on human health and the environment.
Microplastics in Rivers With Professor Jamie Woodward content piece image

Microplastics in Rivers With Professor Jamie Woodward

Watch this Teach Me in 10 video to learn about microplastics, what they are and how they are transported from rivers to large oceans.
5 Things You Can Do To Reduce Plastic Waste content piece image

5 Things You Can Do To Reduce Plastic Waste

The #teamseas movement is great, but there is so much more we can do to reduce the estimated 10 million tonnes of plastic and trash dumped into our rivers and oceans every day.
Innovative Solutions for Microplastics Analysis content piece image

Innovative Solutions for Microplastics Analysis

Download this eBook to learn about the innovative solutions available for microplastics analysis.
Challenges in Microplastics Research content piece image

Challenges in Microplastics Research

Watch this interview to hear from the experts regarding latest trends in microplastic research, techniques for analyzing samples and effects of microplastics on living organisms.
Celebrating World Earth Day content piece image

Celebrating World Earth Day

Technology Networks acknowledges World Earth Day to raise awareness of the positive actions that have been taken and the environmental challenges faced around the world.