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Neurodegeneration – News and Features

Old couple looking out at the sea.

Understanding Why We Move Slower the Older We Get

It’s one of the inescapable realities of aging: The older we get, the slower we tend to move–whether we’re walking around the block or just reaching for the remote control. A new study led by CU Boulder engineers helps explain why.
A wine glass being filled by a bottle.

Red Wine and Your Health: The Good and the Bad

Is there any truth to the common belief that red wine is the "good" alcohol?
An illustration of a brain against a purple background

Nanomaterial That Mimics Protein Behavior Could Help Treat Alzheimer’s

A nanomaterial that alters the interaction between two key proteins found in brain cells could become the basis for new neurodegenerative disease treatments.
A person putting a pill to their lips.

Acid Reflux Drugs Linked to Higher Migraine Risk, Study Finds

Some drugs used to treat acid reflux may also increase the risk of migraines and other severe headaches, a new study finds. The drugs include prescription proton pump inhibitors – such as omeprazole – as well as H2 blockers and antacid supplements.
A mitochondrion, colored in pink and purple.

RNA Modification Behind Disruption of Mitochondrial Protein Synthesis in Alzheimer’s

New research has identified an RNA modification that causes mitochondrial dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease, resulting in reduced energy supply to the brain.
A human brain in purple.

Creating Mice With Hybrid Rat Brains for Enhanced Sensory Abilities

Researchers led by Columbia’s Kristin Baldwin have created mice with hybrid brains–part mouse, part rat–that sense the odors of the world with their rat neurons.
Neurons degenerating.

164 Active Trials Are Testing Alzheimer’s Therapeutics

Alzheimer’s treatment studies offer hope as UNLV expert predicts new potential drugs, biomarkers will yield critical insight for future development.
Six microscope images of brain cells, with lipid molecules shown in white.

State-of-the Art Imaging Technology Reveals Lipid Metabolism Changes in Alzheimer’s

Lipid metabolism is altered in Alzheimer's disease, and a new imaging technology has shown how and revealed a new strategy to target disrupted lipid metabolism with new and existing drugs.
Professor May Britt Moser sits at a table in front of a large window.

Nobel Prize Winner Discusses Research, Motivations and Maintaining a Work-Life Balance

In this interview, Professor May-Britt Moser discusses what led her to a career in science, her research on the neural basis of spatial location and memory, winning a noble prize and raising a family while building a successful career.
Protein structures.

Supercomputer Simulation Unveils New Insights Into Membrane Fusion

An intricate simulation performed by UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers using one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers sheds new light on how proteins called SNAREs cause biological membranes to fuse.