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Automation That Connects Your Drug Discovery Workflow

Scientific and technological advancements continue to
emphasize the importance of automation, both in the physical and digital world.
Given many discussions about the lab of the future, focus has been on how
automation can support greater connectivity between data and workflows.. A
fully integrated robotic platform with software control systems can help you
seamlessly connect workflows and data thereby supporting you with your drug discovery
workflows as well as digital transformation journey . This presentation will
discuss automation solutions for the drug discovery space as well as share how automated
science is a key driving factor  for future-proofing


Focus areas:​


  • Provide an overview of automation technologies available
    that can help you seamlessly connect workflows and data ​​ 
  • How automated science can positively impact the
    efficiency of your lab​ and prepare you for the lab of the future
  • Key examples of how Thermo Fisher Scientific has implemented automated science within existing labs

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