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Combined RNA & DNA Library Preparation for NGS-In a Single Tube

In this Teach Me in 10, Mariana Kiehl, a Senior Applications Scientist at Roche Sequencing & Life Science, introduces a novel single-tube workflow for combined sequencing of RNA and DNA from the same input sample. She explains how the method works, and why it is such a powerful tool for gaining a deeper understanding of the complex biological processes within cells.

Using FFPE tumor tissue sequencing as an example, Dr. Kiehl describes how this method overcomes several hurdles that can block the success of truly paired sequencing. These include:

  1. The small amount of tissue that is typically available for analysis
  2. The cellular heterogeneity of many tumors --which means that even adjacent sections may contain very different DNA or RNA profiles
  3. The need for separate DNA and RNA workflows can add days to sample processing and analysis time.

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