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Latest Upcoming Webinars & Online Events


Novel Digital Solutions for Your Lab: Ensuring Data Integrity

When it comes to lab efficiency and compliance: it’s all about the basics and the basics of any modern lab are digital. This means choosing the right software tools to ensure data integrity while increasing efficiency and guaranteeing compliance. Your balances and tools have to support the right applications (e.g. weighing, pipette checks) and be open to managing information about third party instruments. Also, to minimize qualification efforts, novel software tools need to be modular. Modularity ensures that users can expand and update software capabilities without affecting the functionalities of separate modules. To discover how novel digital solutions can eliminate manual data management steps when it comes to your balances, resulting in increased lab efficiency while ensuring compliance, sign up now!

Scalable Nanopore Sequencing for Alzheimer’s Research

We will introduce the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Center for Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias (CARD) long-read sequencing initiative, which will generate a new genetic resource for Alzheimer’s and related dementias from thousands of human brain samples.
Online Event

Agilent BioTek Augmented Microscopy Virtual Summit

The 2023 Agilent BioTek Augmented Microscopy Virtual Summit offers a unique opportunity to learn about a wide variety of research applications being performed across the globe using BioTek cell imagers and cell imaging multimode readers. The online conference format enables individuals to attend talks, interact with presenters, and learn about the imaging technology and software being used to generate each result.