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A Tale of Two End-to-End Targeted Metabolomics Workflows

A Tale of Two End-to-End Targeted Metabolomics Workflows content piece image
Metabolomic studies cover a broad variety of analyte chemistries and require sensitive analysis methods to tease out the impactful information. This talk will focus on two unique targeted metabolomic workflows for answering your research questions with ease. These workflows can be implemented by both long-time experts and those with minimal metabolomic study experience.

We will cover sample preparation, LC/MS data acquisition and data analysis methods for easily capturing the biological fingerprints of a variety of sample types. Emphasis will be given to hardware workflow solutions that can easily be transferred to a new lab and that utilize intuitive software tools.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. RA44503.3094907407

Attend this webinar to learn: 

  • Learn about Agilent hardware features for sensitive, targeted metabolomics methods.
  • Workflow 1: Understand how to implement a new targeted metabolomics workflow that utilizes Bravo-automated sample preparation, HILIC-enabled LC chromatography, and targeted 6495C MS analysis.
  • Workflow 2: Understand how to implement a targeted metabolomics workflow that combines the biocrates MxP® Quant 500 kit with the Agilent 6495C LC/TQ.
A picture of Karen Yannell
Karen Yannell
LC/MS Application Specialist, Agilent Technologies
A picture of Genevieve Van de Bittner
Genevieve Van de Bittner
PhD R&D Researcher, Agilent Research Laboratories Agilent Technologies