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How To Future Proof Your Laboratory Informatics Environment

How To Future Proof Your Laboratory Informatics Environment  content piece image
Most laboratory informatics environments require a diverse number of applications each with distinct functions (e.g., sample management, instrument control, data acquisition and interpretation, calculation and reporting of results). The main aims of such informatics applications are to meet regulatory compliance and data integrity objectives; however, hybrid systems can present major challenges for laboratories.

A laboratory automation/digitisation strategy, alongside senior management support, funding and resourcing, is crucial for defining the steps required to automate the laboratory over several phases. The objective of this webcast is to highlight ways to ensure that your investments in laboratory informatics applications are sound and long-lasting.

 Attend this webinar to learn more about: 
  • The importance of senior management support for your laboratory automation strategy
  • The need to map and simplify the automated processes
  • The role of business efficiency and regulatory/data integrity compliance

Thomas Schmidt
Thomas Schmidt
Marketing Director, Agilent Technologies
Bob McDowall
Bob McDowall
Director, R D McDowall Limited