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Mammalian Synthetic Biology: Foundations and Therapeutic Applications

Mammalian Synthetic Biology: Foundations and Therapeutic Applications content piece image

Life evolves quickly, and the latest technologies often become redesigned and outdated before we have even learnt how to use them. In this respect, science is no exception, and synthetic biology is at the forefront of this space.

Synthetic biologists are improving and redesigning organisms that have been with us throughout more than 3 billion years of evolution for more useful purposes by engineering them to have new abilities. The field is advancing at an impressive rate, largely due to the recent developments in genome engineering and genome editing in the post-genomic era.

In this webinar we are joined by Ron Weiss, Professor of Biological Engineering at MIT who is widely acknowledged as one of the founders of synthetic biology.

Attend this FREE webinar to: 

  • Explore some of the most exciting research advancing our understanding of synthetic biology.
  • Discover the challenges and opportunities which synthetic biology presents.
  • Interact with Professor Ron Weiss through an exclusive Q&A session following the webinar.
Ron Weiss
Ron Weiss
Professor of Biological Engineering, MIT