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Simplify Analytical Workflows With Automated Pipetting

Simplify Analytical Workflows With Automated Pipetting content piece image

Sample preparation is often considered one of the most critical, but rate limiting, factors within the analytical method workflow. Implementing fully automated devices can streamline the sample preparation process, saving time and improving analytical method reproducibility and consistency.

This webinar will introduce a simple, smart and easy-to-implement automation solution to effectively carry out pipetting and sample preparation steps across a variety of bioanalytical workflows. This solution greatly simplifies sample preparation, reduces risk of human error, ensures analytical performance and improves laboratory efficiency.

In this webinar, we will explore:

  • The latest advances in automated sample preparation
  • How automated sample preparation increases lab efficiency
  • Connected Lab and the method development behind Andrew+, the pipetting robot
Mary Trudeau
Mary Trudeau
Principal Applications Scientist, Waters