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Enhanced CD8+ T Cell Isolation From Mouse Tumors: SimpleFlow vs Enzymatic Methods

Tumor Microenvironment

Tissue dissociation is a crucial sample preparation step that enables the isolation of specific cell populations for downstream applications such as single-cell RNA sequencing. Enzymatic tissue dissociation is widely used, but some researchers have concerns about the impact of enzymes on cell marker expression. 

Bulk Lateral Ultrasonic (BLU) energy is an alternative to enzymatic tissue dissociation for isolating single cells from mouse tumors. This whitepaper discusses how BLU not only matches enzymatic methods in terms of cell counts but also significantly improves CD8+ T cell isolation with enhanced CD8 expression.

Download this whitepaper to explore:

  • In-depth insights into the advantages of BLU tissue dissociation for preserving cell marker expression
  • Detailed methods for implementing BLU technology in your research
  • A case study showcasing the application of BLU for faster, more effective CD8+ T cell isolation 
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