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GeneArt Gibson Assembly EX Cloning Kit


The Gibson Assembly® method is an established DNA assembly reaction that allows multiple overlapping DNA fragments to be seamlessly linked in a one-step, single-tube, isothermal reaction (Invitrogen™ GeneArt™ Gibson Assembly® HiFi Cloning Kit), or a two-step reaction in the case of the GeneArt™ Gibson Assembly® EX Cloning Kit. DNA fragments of different lengths are uniformly assembled using complementary overlaps between fragments. The inherent flexibility of this approach is suitable for small and large DNA constructs and includes both single and multiple inserts. Thermo Fisher Scientific offers two types of kits: the GeneArt Gibson Assembly HiFi Cloning Kit for assembly of up to 6 fragments and the GeneArt Gibson Assembly EX Cloning Kit for assembly of up to 15 fragments.