Lab-on-a-Chip to Help Detect Cancer


In this podcast, we speak to Gustavo Stolovitsky to learn about his career and the work he is doing at IBM Research.

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Engineering human organs onto a microchip


Dan Huh talks about how bioengineers could use microengineering technologies to build more realistic models of human organs using organ-on-a-chip technology.

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Seven days in science - 24 Feb 2017


Test your knowledge of what's been happening in the scientific world over the past seven days.

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Integrating Electronics with the Human Body

Life In Science

Recipient of this year’s IEEE EMBS Trailblazer Award, Dr. Rogers tells us a little about his career and the work his lab is doing to develop biocompatible electronics such as the Lab on the Skin.

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High Purity Plasma Extraction


To learn about some of the challenges of extracting plasma from blood, and how a recently developed microfluidic device could help overcome some of these, we spoke to Dr. Weihua Li.

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