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High-Resolution mRNA Poly(A) Tail Analysis With CGE-UV

mRNA Strand
Credit: iStock

For mRNA-based therapeutics and vaccines, poly(A) tail length is a critical quality attribute (CQA) due to its direct impact on mRNA stability and translation efficiency. 

Single-nucleotide resolution is required to achieve accurate poly(A) tail length determination and peak quantitation of each poly(A) tail species. 

This application note describes how capillary gel electrophoresis with UV detection (CGE-UV) can attain single-nucleotide resolution over a broad size range, making it suitable for the development of QC assays.

Download this app note to discover a solution that can:

  • Streamline your workflow using a ready-to-use kit on a compliance-ready platform
  • Sustain single-nucleotide resolution in the size range of 9 to 156 nt
  • Obtain consistent poly(A) tail profiles in multiple injections
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