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Latest Industry Insights

A psychedelic sun
Industry Insight

Non-Hallucinogenic Drug Inspired by Psychedelics Enters First-in-Human Study

To learn more about the progress and development of non-hallucinogenic psychedelic therapies for conditions such as depression, Technology Networks spoke with the head of research and development at Delix Therapeutics, Dr. Eliseo Salinas.
Photograph of the Agilent Measurement Suite at Imperial College London taken through the window.
Industry Insight

Flagship Facility Supports Advanced Analytical Science

We spoke to Prof. Oscar Ces, head of the Department of Chemistry at Imperial College London (ICL), to find out about the evolution of ICL’s White City Campus, the Agilent Measurement Suite and what it means for scientists across the board.
An outstretched hand holding some white pills.
Industry Insight

Investigating the Long-Term Safety of ADHD Medication for Children and Adolescents

Technology Networks spoke with Dr. Sarah Inglis, trial manager of a recent study investigating the safety of a common ADHD medication, methylphenidate, in children and adolescents.
Representation of human neurons.
Industry Insight

Road to Nervous System Repair Inspired by 20th Century Nobel Prize Winner

In this article, we explore how a future generation of scientists a century later took up Dr. Cajal’s call to arms and sought to counter his dire prognostication on the prospect of nerve regeneration.
A fluorescent visual aid seen used during surgery.
Industry Insight

A Non-Invasive Treatment for Difficult-To-Treat Pediatric Brain Cancer

In this interview, Technology Networks spoke to Dr. Stuart Marcus, founder and chief medical officer of SonALAsense, to find out how ALA sonodynamic therapy could be a more effective treatment for diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma and recurrent glioblastoma.
Tower Bridge, London.
Industry Insight

The UK Is Facing a Science and Tech Exodus

In this opinion piece, Liz Sparrow discusses the real risk of the UK losing its science and technology communities as they face a series of challenges that are threatening their growth.
Human hand holding a green Earth surrounded by trees.
Industry Insight

Leading by Example, Challenging the Sustainability Mindset

We spoke to Darlene Solomon to learn more about improving sustainability in science and Agilent’s commitment to My Green Lab and other sustainability initiatives.
Whirling patterns of colored light.
Industry Insight

Meet the Team Who Want To Develop Psychedelics Without the Hallucinations

There remains an active debate within the psychedelic community about the importance of psychedelic experiences to these drugs’ therapeutic effects. Delix Therapeutics is developing compounds, called psychoplastogens, that act similarly to psychedelic compounds at the molecular level but do not induce hallucinations. We spoke with the Delix team to find out more about their research's progress.
Cartoon image of two researchers, one presenting and the other using a laptop.
Industry Insight

Using Data Lineage and Traceability to Optimize Publishing Potential

This article discusses the importance of data lineage and traceability for academic labs looking to maximize their publishing potential.
The Battle for Psychedelic Patents  content piece image
Industry Insight

The Battle for Psychedelic Patents

In this article, Technology Networks speaks with Mindset Pharma CEO James Lanthier about how patents work in the fast-changing psychedelics industry, what makes a patent effective and how newer compounds stack up against natural psychedelics.