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Four Hacks for Culturing Neurons

Four Hacks for Culturing Neurons content piece image

Human iPSC-derived excitatory neurons provide helpful physiologically relevant cell models to investigate neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders, although achieving healthy neuronal cultures can be challenging. Dr Kaiser Karim is a glutamatergic neuron expert at bit.bio. In his career has studied the genomic mechanisms governing the reprogramming of human iPSCs into glutamatergic neurons.

Download this guide to discover Kaiser's top tips regarding: 

  • How to prevent glutamatergic neurons from detaching
    from culture surfaces
  • How to leverage the optimal extracellular matrix coating to promote cell adherence
  • The best timings for media changes, especially when the
    unexpected happens
  • How to tune your glutamatergic neuron seeding density
    for your experiment
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