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Latest Infographics

Novel Psychoactive Substances content piece image

Novel Psychoactive Substances

Novel psychoactive substances (NPS) are compounds that are designed to mimic the effects of established illicit drugs. Many NPS emerged during the early- to mid-2000s and the number of new substances being reported continues to rise. Download this infographic to explore various NPS and key characteristics, reveal why they challenge traditional approaches to drug monitoring and discover methods used to detect NPS.
Applications of 3D Culture content piece image

Applications of 3D Culture

This infographic highlights the advantages that 3D cell culture offers and explores some of the applications 3D models are benefitting.
Beyond the Genome: Advances in Sequencing the Brain content piece image

Beyond the Genome: Advances in Sequencing the Brain

Our ability to rapidly sequence the nucleic acids that form the building blocks of our cells has arguably done more for biomedical science over the last twenty years than any other development. But modern sequencing techniques have now moved beyond the genome and in this infographic, we review the new multiomics methods powering neuroscience discovery.
What Are the Key Psychedelic Drugs? content piece image

What Are the Key Psychedelic Drugs?

Interest in the therapeutic potential of psychedelics, having lain relatively dormant in the face of stigma and heavy regulations for decades, has reignited in the last ten years. In this infographic, we review five psychedelics, detailing their structure, mechanism of action and their potential clinical applications.

Your Successful Grant-Writing Journey content piece image

Your Successful Grant-Writing Journey

Download this infographic to discover the different stages of grant writing and how to gain access to helpful resources.
Spatial Biology content piece image

Spatial Biology

Download this infographic to discover how spatial biology can elucidate biological activity in relation to environment, is utilized in neuroscience and cancer research, and can be explored using various technologies.
Pesticide Screening content piece image

Pesticide Screening

Pesticides have been key in enabling producers to keep up with growing global food demands, but must be used with caution. Download this infographic to learn what pesticides are, why we test for them, what we test for and the techniques used to achieve this.
History of Women in Science content piece image

History of Women in Science

Download this infographic to see a list of female scientists that have made a significant impact throughout history.
Women in Science: Ancient History to the 21st Century content piece image

Women in Science: Ancient History to the 21st Century

Download this infographic to see a timeline of women who have impacted science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM) fields over time.
Neurodegeneration: A Closer Look content piece image

Neurodegeneration: A Closer Look

The burden of neurodegeneration is one that weighs heavily on the world’s aging population. To understand why conditions like Alzheimer’s disease are so difficult to treat, we must first understand how they affect the brain. In this infographic we take a deep dive into the degenerating brain, examining the changes that occur at every level.