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Latest Infographics

Counting Sheep: Exploring the Disorders That Stop Us From Sleeping content piece image

Counting Sheep: Exploring the Disorders That Stop Us From Sleeping

In recognition of world sleep day 2020, we created this infographic to explore the different types of sleep and the sleep disorders that can plague us.
The Birth of Change content piece image

The Birth of Change

Download this infographic to discover six ways that parents can be supported in STEM careers.
The Visible Hero: Breaking Down Barriers content piece image

The Visible Hero: Breaking Down Barriers

Download this infographic to learn the impact of unconscious gender bias on women in STEM and the global schemes that are celebrating female scientists.
Women in STEM content piece image

Women in STEM

Download this infographic for a global perspective of women in STEM.
Mass Spectrometry in Neuroscience content piece image

Mass Spectrometry in Neuroscience

For proteomics researchers, work is almost impossible without mass spectrometry (MS). Neuroscience, however, has largely got by without dipping its toe into the pool of analytical chemistry. With the advent of faster, smarter MS tools, those days may be numbered, as MS-based techniques become an invaluable resource for studying the brain.
Cryopreservation: Key Principles and Applications content piece image

Cryopreservation: Key Principles and Applications

Cryopreservation, the use of very low temperatures and cryoprotectants to preserve structurally intact cells and tissues, is essential to many areas of research and medicine. Find out why cryopreservation is used, how cryoprotectants reduce cell shrinkage, and learn about the therapies dependent on successful cryopreservation.
Comparing Chromatography Techniques content piece image

Comparing Chromatography Techniques

Chromatography is an important tool in analytical chemistry, learn about how the different techniques in the field work and their applications.
Perfecting Your Aseptic Technique content piece image

Perfecting Your Aseptic Technique

Download this infographic for technical guidance on preventing culture contamination, as well as tips and tricks on perfecting your aseptic technique.
Researching Therapies for Alzheimer's Disease content piece image

Researching Therapies for Alzheimer's Disease

Effective therapies for Alzheimer's disease are few and far between. Why have so many drugs failed in tackling this disease, and is there a light at the end of the tunnel? This infographic, from Fluidic Analytics, investigates.
Neurogenomics content piece image


Over the recent decades, science has witnessed the coupling of the neuroscience and genomics research fields to create a novel area known as neurogenomics. In this infographic, we explore how neurogenomics came to be, the methodologies commonly adopted in research studies and how it contributes to our understanding of neurological diseases.