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Three Advances in Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnostics

Three Advances in Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnostics content piece image

Over the last year, Alzheimer’s disease research has been dominated by the somewhat unexpected, landmark approval of aducanumab – the first therapeutic for the condition in 20 years. But, when it comes to Alzheimer’s research in 2021, aducanumab is just one part of the story. Importantly, therapies based on the amyloid hypothesis are widely thought to only have maximum efficacy if delivered in early stages of the disease. Quicker, simpler diagnostic strategies are needed to enable patients access to potentially disease-modifying treatments at earlier stages in their disease course.

Download this listicle to explore three major advances in dementia diagnostics, including:

  • Blood biomarker analysis
  • Polygenic risk scoring
  • Non-invasive techniques