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A face with computer code written all over it.

The Deep Neural Network of AI That Misleads Results

While we can’t trust AI to be perfect, it turns out that sometimes we can’t trust ourselves with AI either.
How deleterious mosaic tRNA regions and linked to bipolar disorder.

Pathogenic Mosaic Mutations Linked to Bipolar Disorder Discovered

Researchers find a link between bipolar disease and potentially pathogenic mosaic mutations found in neurodevelopmental disorder genes and mitochondrial tRNA genes.
Scans of the brain in black and white.

Cranial Surgery Prolongs Survival for Children With Drug-Resistant Epilepsy

A retrospective study has compared the long-term survival rates for drug-resistant epilepsy treatments, revealing that cranial surgery reduced the risk of early death by over 80%.
Two maize cobs next to a bowl of corn flour.

Mandatory Fortification of Corn Masa Flour May Help To Prevent Birth Defects in Hispanic Population

Mandatory fortification of corn masa flour products with folic acid, as is already the case with enriched cereal grains, may achieve more substantial prevention of neural tube birth defects among the Hispanic population.
An orange and blue brain.

New Drug Delays Brain Cancer Progression

In an international study co-led by UCLA, scientists have shown that a new targeted therapy drug can extend the amount of time people with a subtype of glioma are on treatment without their cancer worsening.
Neuron cells.

First Evidence of a Protein Complex Responsible for the Transport of mRNA in Neurons

Teams have joined forces to gain the first evidence of a protein complex responsible for the transport of messenger RNA in neurons.
A 3D model of a spinal cord.

Discovery May Lead to Improvements for Spinal Cord Injuries

New research suggests that the immune system’s ability to respond to spinal cord injuries diminishes with age – and identifies potential avenues to improve that response and help patients heal.
A woman asleep on a bed.

Brain Stimulation During Deep Sleep May Boost Recall Memory

Researchers have long suspected that a good night’s sleep can improve our memory. The mechanism behind this link has remained unclear. A new study has provided records from inside the brain that support one of the leading theories of memory consolidation during sleep.
A woman smiling while wearing sunglasses.

Links Between Cognition and Personality Identified by Massive Meta-Analysis

In a new landmark study, University of Minnesota research shows surprising links between human cognition and personality — pillars of human individuality that shape who we are and how we interact with the world.
A yellow nanoelectrode after two months implanted within the brain of a mouse, with healthy active neurons neighboring the implant.

Ultraflexible Electrodes Allow Better-Targeted Brain Stimulation

Engineers have developed minimally invasive, ultraflexible nanoelectrodes that could be used to administer long-term, high-resolution stimulation therapy.