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A person places a hearing aid into their ear.

Scientists Find Key to Noise-Induced Hearing Damage and Ways To Prevent It

Researchers have uncovered the molecular mechanism behind sound-induced hearing loss and pinpointed a medication to help mitigate it.
A robot built to test their model of how insects navigate.

How Do Insects Navigate More Efficiently Than Robots?

With a brain the size of a pinhead, insects perform fantastic navigational feats. They avoid obstacles and move through small openings. How do they do this, with their limited brain power?
An elderly couple looking out to sea.

Cancer Drug Could Open Doors to New Parkinson’s Treatment

A study has shown that Rucaparib and its main metabolite M324 exhibit differential activities. The paper has analyzed Rucaparib and M324, making a computational prediction of the metabolite’s activity.
Whale fins poking out of blue water.

Beaked Whales Have a "Cultural Tradition"

A new study reveals surprising information about the Baird's beaked whale species – they have a "cultural tradition" of using shallow water to hunt fish.

Immune Genes of Alzheimer’s Patients Are Epigenetically Altered

A new Northwestern Medicine study has found the immune system in the blood of Alzheimer’s patients is epigenetically altered. That means the patients’ behavior or environment has caused changes that affect the way their genes work.
Brain scans.

Brain Scans Can Predict Psychosis Before It Happens

Brain images from thousands of people worldwide have been used to create a machine learning-based classifier that could aid early psychosis diagnosis.
A woman holding a barbell above her head.

Resistance Exercise Training Can Help in the Treatment of Anxiety and Depression

A new study by researchers at University of Limerick has demonstrated the impact resistance exercise training can have in the treatment of anxiety and depressive symptoms.
Blood test vials held in a gloved hand.

Blood Test Could Predict Psychosis

Researchers have developed a breakthrough blood test that could predict schizophrenia and psychosis risk, as well as match patients to the right treatment.
A newborn baby is held.

Preterm Babies Show Different Patterns of Brain Connectivity

Preterm babies have different patterns of dynamic brain network connectivity, which were linked to developmental measures 18 months later.
A boy shouting into a microphone.

Lowering Your Voice Pitch Makes You More Appealing to Strangers

Modern voice preferences among wide cross-cultural sample clarifies evolutionary origins, with lower pitches seen as more attractive and formidable.