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GenVault Awarded Key Biosample Management Patent

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GenVault Corporation has announced that US Patent Office has issued US patent #7,142,987 giving GenVault broad rights to dry-state sample archiving, using carriers designed to store dried biosamples as discrete, individually addressable aliquots in a predetermined spatial relationship.

This patent allows GenVault broad coverage to exclusively develop and market consumables for dry-state biosample storage, based on individual sample aliquots that are stored, one each, in a container which is in turn assembled in an orderly way with other sample containers to form an assembly.

The patent also covers the generalized use of hardware for organizing the storage of such dry-state sample aliquots to form sample archives.

Finally, the patent covers the generalized use of software to track the location, use-history and the data associated with such individually addressable dry state samples, in the context of organized sample management and archiving.

This newly issued patent adds to GenVault's core IP for GenPlate® storage technology; a multi-well plate system for room temperature, dry state storage of DNA that eliminates the need for cryostorage.

"GenVault is continually strengthening its patent portfolio as a key strategy for growth and value," said David Wellis, GenVault's CEO.

"Part of that strategy is to consolidate GenVault's position such that it enables the company to exclusively market consumable, hardware and software solutions that enable efficient biosample management and accessibility."