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Glia Drive Brain Development

News   Sep 04, 2017 | Original Story from New York University

Glia Act as Signalling Intermediary in Brain Development

A confocal micrograph of a developing fruit fly visual system. Development of the retina (top) is coordinated with development of the optic lobe region of the brain (sphere below). All neurons are marked by yellow and their axon projections in cyan; magenta in the optic lobe marks the specific region of the brain where neuronal differentiation is regulated by glia. Credit: Courtesy of Vilaiwan M Fernandes, Desplan Lab, NYU's Department of Biology.



Lowering Alcohol Drink-drive Levels Alone Does Not Reduce Accidents


Reducing the legal limit for a driver’s blood alcohol level (BAL) is considered “best practice” for reducing injuries and deaths from motor vehicle accidents (MVA). But a new study suggests that this best practice may need to be refined.


A Clearer Picture of Brain Scan Data


Already affecting more than five million Americans older than 65, Alzheimer’s disease is on the rise. In a study published today in the journal BRAIN, neuroscientists used data from the human brain connectome – a publicly available “wiring diagram” of the human brain based on data from thousands of healthy human volunteers – to reassess the findings from neuroimaging studies of patients with Alzheimer’s disease.


Roots of Neuropsychiatric Risk in the Developing Brain


The most comprehensive genomic analysis of the human brain ever undertaken has revealed new insights into the changes it undergoes through development, how it varies among individuals, and the roots of neuropsychiatric illnesses such as autism spectrum disorders and schizophrenia.



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