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Illumina Collaborates with Clinical Research Institute to Develop Molecular Diagnostics for Complex Diseases

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Illumina, Inc. and Mayo Clinic have announced that they have signed a diagnostic collaborative agreement to enable the co-development of molecular diagnostic tests for the study of complex diseases.

The agreement recognizes the strengths of both organizations.

Illumina will contribute its VeraCode™ technology and development expertise for the BeadArray™ and BeadXpress™ instrument platforms.

Mayo Clinic will bring broad knowledge in clinical practice and patient outcome management along with proficiency in establishing clinical utility of new diagnostic technologies.

In addition, Mayo’s ability to discover and validate biomarkers offers the potential for both parties to implement important new clinical tests.

“We began working with Mayo Clinic in early 2005 when we installed a BeadLab system in their Rochester, Minnesota location. We are now delighted to collaborate with an organization of such vision and expertise in both its scientific and clinical fields,” said Jay Flatley, President and Chief Executive Officer of Illumina.

“Expanding our relationship with Mayo Clinic, one of the country's leading medical institutions, represents an important step in the revolution of our diagnostics strategy. With the world market in molecular diagnostics estimated at over two billion dollars, we are eager to develop tools that can improve healthcare for patients with a broad range of unmet needs,” said Jorge Velarde, Senior Director of Business Development.

According to Illumina, terms of the agreement enable the implementation of new clinical tests within Mayo’s clinical practice and Mayo Medical Laboratories. Additionally, Illumina will manufacture and market tests worldwide on Illumina’s BeadArray and upcoming BeadXpress Reader.